Selection and employment

The selection process aims at identifying the best candidates based on criteria of objectivity, transparency and equal opportunities, ensuring that the individual posses suitable personal, behavioral and skill based traits. Special attention is paid to the awareness of regulations governing ethics and independence that candidates would be required to observe in case they are employed. Selections are carried out with the involvement of partners and senior professionals, with whom the new resources will work, and are supported by additional internal resources specifically dedicated to this activity. After employment, new resources have the opportunity to develop their professional skills through coaching and on the job training, working alongside experienced professionals, in order to foster a cooperative atmosphere characterized by continuous learning.

The Firm recruits high-profile graduates who regard the possibility of joining Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati as a significant opportunity for learning, growth and professional practice.

Professional skills

Professional skills, propensity to leadership and ability to create trust-based relationships within and outside the organization are the assets on which the Firm has been building its reputation. We are aware that the Firm’s growing performance depends on the value of our human capital and our constant commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and to the development of personal skills and knowledge. And this is still the way to go, if we wish to ensure the long-term growth of the organization and of our people.